Fingers crossed you didn’t enter any of these parenting chat-rooms

Chat Room 1

Addicted to Screen

  • My kids can’t sit still without a screen and this is affecting everything. They’re either watching something or there’s chaos. I find myself handing them my phone to avoid embarrassment, especially outside the home.
  • My kids watch so much TV and it’s affecting their academics, but I don’t know how to stop it.
  • These children keep unlocking my phone and playing games, or going to YouTube. They even unlock my friends’ phones. It’s embarrassing.

Chat Room 2

Parents who Yell

  • I swore I’ll never be a 'shouty' parent but I yell on a regular basis. I wonder why I get angry so easily. It seems like I'm fine one minute, and then screaming the next.
  • I feel drained by the need to repeat myself again and again.
  • I yell and flog everyday but my child's behaviour is not improving.

Any of the above statements true in your parenting journey?
Is it really possible for my kids to minimize screen time, and for me to parent without yelling?

Well, uncross those fingers because

It’s possible

Yell-free Parenting; Low-screen children

A 3-day Masterclass

Investment (Open for Moms and Dads)


  • Access to the 3-day Masterclass via Zoom
  • Plug-and-Play worksheets and templates
Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.
Romans 12 v 2MSG


I read something you wrote about activities our kids could work on that excluded the screen at home with a few surprisingly easy and cheap props, and it worked. I found it kept them busy and their minds active instead of being so fixated on the TV.

Oge Richard
Head Tutor, Mundrey Consulting

I can't remember when last I subscribed to cable TV. The activities I learned from you have armed me with more than enough screen replacements at home. They cost less than and benefit more than cable subscriptions. The changes are so remarkable, that now, my son reads his storybooks daily. Yesterday he even finished 2. Thank you, Coach

Uche-Collins Favor Aghogho
Further Maths Tutor

Thank you so much for this No Yelling challenge. It was indeed very helpful. I really gave my best throughout the week to hold back from yelling and I’m very happy to say I made it. I'm proud of myself, too. Thank you for the helpful insights you shared. God bless you.

Irene Idialu

You said 'You have to be worthy enough to be their (the children's) role model... you can't raise a star without being one yourself'. Very deep. Thank you for being a fantastic coach. You've been graced with vast wisdom. God bless you for sharing the No-Yell Challenge with us.

May-Jay Ononye
A fool gives vent to his spirit, but a wise man/woman quietly holds it back.
Proverbs 29:11
Here’s what to expect from the 3-day Masterclass
DAY 1 WITH CoachE'
Day 1. Thursday 7pm to 9pm WAT

Low-Screen Children

A brief history on screens and technology, its dangers, and why the only response we should have as parents before introducing any technology to our lives and homes should be ‘healthy skepticism’
Practical fail-proof ways to kick that addiction fast combining neuroscience, psychology, and scripture while adopting the ‘Replacement therapy’ aka healthy alternatives to excessive screen time
How to keep the party ongoing at home with zero to minimal screens, why boredom is good for your child and finding the right balance for kids to be self-entertained and parent-engaged
Why leading by example is everything for parents when it comes to controlling screen time for your kids, PLUS how to make screen time work for your advantage instead.
DAY 2 WITH Dumebi
Day 2. Friday 7pm to 9pm WAT

No-Yell Parenting

Understanding the psychological effects of yelling at your child and compelling reasons why you shouldn't yell at your child.
Figure out what triggers you to yell, and perform a self-check when you feel like yelling.
Learn strategies to correct, redirect, and set limits with your children that don’t involve raising your voice.
Effective strategies to create the type of environment in which children thrive and yelling has left the building.
Day 3. Saturday 7pm to 9-30pm WAT

Your Q’s, Our R’s

A Deep dive and No-Rush session where we tackle Your Questions with Our Responses
It’s possible
Yell-free Parenting; Low-screen children
A 3-day Masterclass
Investment (Open for Moms and Dads)


  • Access to the 3-day Masterclass via Zoom
  • Plug-and-Play worksheets and templates

Low Screen Kids

Not too long ago, we observed two kids in church seated next to their parents, both playing games. These two kiddos did not stand and sing during the music time. They sat and played games. They did not participate in corporate prayer or readings. They sat and played games. They did not engage during the teaching time. They sat and played games.
Elizabeth. Blogger at This Little Home of Mine

This much screen freedom is not OK!

Children who spent over two hours a day on their screens received lower scores on language and critical thinking tests. MRI scans of children who spent over seven hours of screen time per day saw a thinning of their brains’ cortex, which plays a role in perception, thought, memory, language, attention, awareness, and consciousness. Excess screen time greatly reduces children’s ability to concentrate. It’s hard to sit down and have your child read a book once they are addicted to the entertainment on their tablets or screens.
National Institute of Health Research

No-Yell Parenting

Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge. Yelling actually makes your child’s behavior even worse. Which means you have to yell more to try to correct it. And the cycle continues.

There should be no yelling at home unless there is a fire!

Yelling, swearing, threatening or belittling will never get you to the place you want to be faster than kindness, understanding, patience and a little willingness to compromise. In addition to children feeling hurt, scared, or sad when their parents yell at them, verbal abuse has the ability to cause deeper psychological issues that carry into adulthood.
It’s possible
Yell-free Parenting; Low-screen children
A 3-day Masterclass
Investment (Open for Moms and Dads)


  • Access to the 3-day Masterclass via Zoom
  • Plug-and-Play worksheets and templates
Fun fact: November 2013. Playing Maid of Honor at each other’s wedding.

Are we perfect?

Far from it.

We are regular moms like you, who have chosen to be more intentional about the way we raise our precious children, and we want to help you too, because we know It’s Possible!!!

About Dumebi and Eziaha

An EYFS expert and a certified Montessori Guide, Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator is the Education Consultant who heads Hadassah Hall Creche and Nursery, an early years Montessori school unique in its diverse pupil intake and personalized approach to teaching, and targeted towards grooming children for excellence. She is also a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) with extensive experience working with children and schools.

A seasoned Author, she designed and produced the Teacher's Journal: Reflections on my Teaching and Learning. Similar to a diary, the Teacher's Journal is meant to inspire reflection on events leading to both success and failure in the classroom, in addition to other books and novels, including Dirim’s man, now a novel.

Her passion is in awakening all Education stakeholders, to their own earnest responsibility in raising/equipping the children in our God-given care; one child at a time.

Most importantly though, she likes to be remembered first as a conscientious handmaiden of God, a loving wife, and a dedicated mother.

Eziaha Ngozi Bolaji-Olojo is a woman on a mission; leading a JOYFUL rebellion against the dangerous pandemic of among others, indiscipline, and technology addictions in today’s modern world.

Through her various expressions as a Blogger/Writer, habits and weight loss Coach, YouTuber, Mentor, Speaker and Content Creator, she helps women lead more intentional, joy-filled, deeply fulfilling and God-glorifying lives

In addition to her blogs, you can find Eziaha’s writings as a Columnist on Bella Naija, The Guardian Nigeria, and The Lady’s room. She has also been named as one of the 100 Most Influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa, LLA.

Eziaha is joyfully married to Bolaji Olojo, and with their two boys, make their home in Lagos, Nigeria

It’s possible

Yell-free Parenting; Low-screen children

A 3-day Masterclass

Investment (Open for Moms and Dads)


  • Access to the 3-day Masterclass via Zoom
  • Plug-and-Play worksheets and templates


  • Access to the 3-day Masterclass via Zoom
  • Plug-and-Play worksheets and templates
  • aaaaaaaaand
  • 7-day access to a closed Whatsapp support group
  • 30-day access to the Masterclass Recording
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